The Corona Maze Game

In this game you have to find your way back home through the maze while the covid-19 is spreading fast in it.

The player is represented by an smiley emoji in the top-left corner of the maze and the goal is to get home, which is in the bottom-right corner of the maze, while avoiding contact with the covid-19 that spreads in the maze.

There are five levels to the game.

How to play

Upon pressing the 'Start' button, or on the player's emoji, the Coronavirus will start spreading randomly in the maze and a mask will appear on the emoji's face and will protect you from one covid-19(when engaging the Coronavirus the mask will disappear).

During the game more masks will appear randomly in the maze, after obtaining a new mask you are safe again from only one Coronavirus.

Moving around the maze

On mobile screen:

After pressing the 'Start' button, or on the player's emoji, a control panel will appear on the left-bottom part of the screen.

Touch the middle part of the control panel, leave your finger on the screen and slide it on the arrows of the control panel in order to move in the arrow's direction.

On computer and wider screens:

After pressing the 'Start' button, or on the player's emoji, simply move the mouse around the maze and the emoji will move in the direction of the cursor's relative to it's position.

Engaging the Coronavirus

Upon engaging a Coronavirus-

If you are wearing a mask, the mask will disappear and also the Coronavirus you engaged with. you will be able to continue but will be exposed until wearing another mask.

If you engage a Coronavirus without a mask you will die and the game will end.

Reach home

When you reach home you will finish the level, pressing the 'Next level button' will take you to the next level's maze.

Again after pressing the 'Start' button or on the player's emoji the level will start.

After finishing all 5 levels the you will wiin the game!

A little hint

If your way is blocked by a Coronavirus and you're not wearing a mask, check if there's a mask somewhere behind you, go there quickly and engage the clear the Coronavirus that's blocking your way.

If there isn't a mask behind you, wait a few seconds near the Coronavirus. There's a chance a mask will appear next to you.

Good luck and god speed!

A link to the game:

A video showing how to play and finish the game: