Corona Maze

A Labyrinth on Fire

Can you make it home before covid-19 takes over the streets?


Level 1


1. The goal of the game is to get home, in the bottom-right corner, before the Covid-19 gets you.

2. Start the game by pressing the Start button.

3. Press on the smiley face to put mask on.

4. The mask protects you from only one Corona Virus.

5. More masks will randomly appear in the maze during the game.

6. There are Five Levels to the game.

7. Good luck and god speed!

8. Close instructions by pressing button

Click face to put mask on!

Get home quickly!

Best Scores

No. Image User's Name Score Date
1 roseknight 117 05-06-2020
2 roseknight 107 04-27-2020
3 cosmo22 89 04-27-2020

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